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Cristine Reyes shared the Quality Time with her Daughter, Amarah in Tanay, Rizal

Cristine is a single parent to Amara. Despite raising her daughter alone, she is doing a great job. The mother and daughter tandem visit picturesque Tanay in Rizal to see this beautiful place. Cristine posted several photos. She also shared the value of time.

photo via cristinereyes | ig

Cristine is a busy showbiz personality. The sexy star works on different projects. She just finished her latest film with Xian Lim, Untrue. Despite this, she finds time for her daughter. The two travel together a lot. Cristine sees to it that her daughter knows how much she loves her.

photo via cristinereyes | ig

She shared on her on a press-con that she loves her daughter very much. Their time together is her way to show Amara that. The latest is their Tanay, Rizal getaway. They visited the rock formation of Mount Daraitan.

photo via cristinereyes | ig

When asked why she likes spending time with Amara, Cristine says she realized that time is short. She wants to love her daughter while she still can. Because of this, netizens and the media said that Amara is Cristine’s “Best Travel Buddy.” Cristine plans to travel with Amara to different parts of the world.

photo via cristinereyes | ig

Aside from that, she also wants Amara to know that she will always be there for her daughter. She plans to stick around and be the best mother she can be. Wow! Amara is a lucky girl! Some parents neglect their children, but Cristine is a hands-on mom. She may have a broken relationship with Amara’s dad, but she is doing the best she can despite their situation.

photo via cristinereyes | ig

The love of a mother and daughter is deep. A daughter may find her prince charming someday. A mother may marry another man, but their love will always continue because a mother’s heart will continue to grow as her daughter grows.

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