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Cute Child Actress Xyril Manabat, Big Changes as Beautiful Young Lady

Who could forget Xyril Manabat? She’s the talented young actress who starred in 100 Days to Heaven. That soap opera captured the hearts of millions of Filipino viewers.

But where is Xyril now? Well, she has grown up to be a fine young lady. Xyril or Xyriel Anne Bustamante Manabat in real life became popular for her talented performance in the defunct show. This paved the way for her showbiz career.

photo via manabatxy | ig

The show ran for more than a year, and she starred with Jodi Santamaria and Ms. Coney Reyes. She became a child sensation after that. Often, people called her “Child Wonder.”

She went on to star in a few more shows such as getting the role of the young Ivy Aguas in the hit sexy-drama show of Maya Salvador, ‘Wildflower.’ She also tried her luck in films.

Today, this talented actress is in her teens. She shares her life with her followers on Social Media. She often posts her OOTD, the last of which was attending a school ball.

photo via manabatxy | ig

She hasn’t starred in any shows lately. But the young lady is enjoying her time away from the limelight. She’s still young and studying. There’s more she can do in the future. But for now, she must enjoy her youth while she can.

photo via manabatxy | ig

It’s a good thing fans can stay updated with their favorite stars through Social Media. So many local celebrities are creating posts and vlogs for their followers. It’s a great way to catch up with them, especially if they’re not as active as they used to be.

photo via manabatxy | ig

Let’s hope we can see this talented young actress grace our TV screens in the future. It will be a blast to see her delivering witty lines again! How about you, are you a fan of Xyril? Please share in the comments!

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