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Cute Ducklings Raised By Korean Guy Goes Hiking with Him

If you’re familiar with the movie Fly Away Home, you know that a family of young geese were rescued by Amy (Anna Paquin) and she trained them to survive and go flying so they could be on their own in the wild. This story which circulated the worldwide web is similar to that movie, only it happened in true life and instead of geese, ducklings are the main characters.

For some reason, the ducklings’ mother is nowhere to be found and the Korean man who saved them had to be the one to keep the eggs warm until they hatch. This story happened in Seoul, South Korea. The man took care of the ducklings since they were little but he was also concerned as to how they can survive in the wild because they didn’t have a mother figure to guide them but the man had an idea.

He would often took them hiking and see if they were responding well with the obstacles at the outdoors. The ducklings would follow him and they would walk and follow their master. Sometimes they stop and he would give them food and water.

Their deep bond is adorable for the ducklings follow him when he says so and stops when he says stop. The ducklings are very obedient of him and he on the other hand takes good care of them that’s why they have a good relationship together.

During one of their hiking trips, they bumped into some people who were amazed by what they’ve seen. One guy even said that it was amazing to see an animal like a duck following the command of the owner. This inspirational video shows what a beautiful bond humans and animals have. Animals would always respond nicely to humans if we just treat them right.

See the full video here: YouTube

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