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Cute Twins of Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez just Celebrates their One Year Old Birthday

Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez celebrated their twin babies’ first birthday recently. The twin babies are named Pepe and Pilar. Korina Sanchez shared the photo on social media of the first birthday celebration of her cute babies last February 12.

The caption of the photo says “Happy birthday to my twin stars of the north”. Korina said that she felt blessed and thankful to have these adorable twin babies. She thought that she will never experience being a mother. Every day baby Pepe and Pilar bring so much joy to the couple.

Many netizens were shocked after Korina announced the coming of their twin babies last February 2019. Korina and Mar had to undergo gestational surrogacy helped the couple to have a baby boy and baby girl. Korina and Mar tied the knot on October 27, 2009.

Pilar and Pepe were born in the country of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The couple waited for 10 years to have a baby of their own. It is the first time of Korina in becoming a parent at 55 years old. Mar Roxas and his former girlfriend, beauty queen Maricar Zaldarriaga had a son together named Paolo.

Korina Sanchez is also known as Korina María B. Sanchez-Roxas. Korina is a professional television news anchor, broadcast journalist, magazine show host, senior field correspondent, newspaper columnist, and radio anchor. Korina is also working as the Chief Correspondent of ABS-CBN network’s Integrated News and Current Affairs Division. “That Does It” of “The Philippine Star” is Korina’s regular column and “K Ka Lang” of “Pilipino Star Ngayon” is her own Tagalog column.

Becoming a parent is never easy and comes with great responsibilities. Children will bring happiness to the family. And parents need to love and take care of their children. Parents should raise their children properly and teach them good manners.

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