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Dedicated Pakistani Reporter Did His Job Amid the Flood

The image uploaded by the GTV News shows a Pakistani journalist doing his job while submerged in the floodwater. His courage and dedication as a journalist grabbed the attention of many people. Azadar Hussain earned respect and praises as he continues to deliver his report despite the situation. According to Hussain he did it to show the heartbreaking situation of the residents struck by a flood.

image credit to GTV News via YouTube channel

Journalists and other media people are on the frontline of the government. They are the first to see and know the happenings in an area. Thus, it is their responsibility to deliver the news in a hasty manner. He was one journalist of GTV a national news channel based in Kot Chutta, Pakistan.

image credit to GTV News via YouTube channel

Bigger area of Kot Chutta was under the floodwater because of continuous rainfall for several days. The GTV news presenter had announced the situation in the region. Hussain insisted to do his reporting in the floodwater. In the video, his body was submerged up to his neck while raising his hand holding the microphone.

image credit to GTV News via YouTube channel

In his report, the water overflowing the Indus river caused the flood. The flood damaged and devastated the houses of the residents and the farmlands. He also interviewed some locals, and they said that no one from the government is helping them. Because of their devastating situation, the residents are planning to appeal to the Prime Minister or the Chief Executive. They are asking the government to provide immediate help before the situation gets even worst.

image credit to GTV News via YouTube channel

In the Philippines, we also have topnotch journalists like Noli de Castro, Jessica Soho, Kara David, and Mike Enriquez. They are known for showing their courage in journalism and broadcasting. May the government authorities recognize the effort of journalists like Hussain and eventually help the people.


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