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Deep-in-Depth Couple who turned Their Life Around are Now Millionaires

Who would think that this couple who used to share a Php7 corned beef just to survive can turn their lives around and become a success in their business? George Anas Jr and his wife Charmilyn used to be in deep depth but are now millionaires because of their consultancy agency. Their business offers diverse opportunities like auto loans, visa or education consulting, travel and tours, and real estate. Their business has now allowed them to travel and enjoy life to the fullest. They even have their own house and Mercede Benz.

Both had their struggles before. George used to eat only Pancit Canton because he was unemployed while Charmily would buy only the corned beef priced at Php7 because she was only earning minimum wage. George then sold hotdog buns, siomai, pizza rolls, and more while he was looking for a job. He said that at that time, p[eople were laughing at them but they chose not to mind and look for their succes instead. He declared that they worked as a team. They had to go ‘through the worst’ first before enjoying the life they have today. This is why they’ve inspired a lot of people through their story.

But, with every inspiring story comes the bashers. Some netizens are not happy because they said that these two are ‘bragging’ about their success. According to irate netizens, the two defines money and expensive as the ‘definitions of success’.

photo credit: George & Chin Inspirations

One netizen said; “Sad how almost everyone’s success is now because they’re able to buy the more expensive things in the world. Let’s inspire and encourage people to work hard and to be able to help other people. Because when the time comes, God won’t ask us how many or what type of cars we bought or how big and expensive our house was, but who we let in and helped, how much we shared. Let our goals be eternal.”

photo credit: George & Chin Inspirations

The couple replied and said that they agree with what the netizen said but they are requesting that the netizen not think about the Benz but the intention of the said post. They said that they are there to inspire and encourage couple to have unity and never give up on each other no matter how hard life can get. They said that many were thankful for the post because they see the positive side of it and they hope it stays that way. What are your thoughts about their post? Is it too much or is it something meant to inspire?

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