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Delivery Guy waiting for almost an Hour just give the Item to Online Shopper Goes Viral

Are you a fan of online shopping? It’s amazing and very easy to shop for these days.  This is thanks to the wonders of the internet and online shopping. Many e-commerce platforms post many items for sales. What you can’t find in malls can be available in these online shops. The sellers are plenty and products vary. Prices are also competitive. What’s not to like about it? Some even offer Cash-on-Delivery and you can reject an item if it’s not the one you ordered. You can wait in the comfort of your home.

But there’s another side of online shopping. Most of the time, customers blame delivery guys for their items. They will say that their items were mishandled or they didn’t receive it on time. Delivery guys can also have a hard time waiting for their customers.

This is the case of the viral post of Bea Aspiras. She saw a delivery man waiting patiently outside his customer’s house. He works for an online shopping company. The post explained that the man has been waiting for more than an hour. The customer was still nowhere in sight. She praised him for waiting for that long. The man is not so young anymore. He looked tired and thirsty that’s why Aspiras felt for him.

This doesn’t mean that customers should wait all day for their deliveries. There are also many times when the customers are the ones waiting for so long. These things also happen when internet connections are slow and you’re waiting for a technician to show up. Online company and customer relationships should be a give and take. Customers should get their items on time. Delivery guys should also be able to deliver their items on time. No one should wait long to get their items or deliver items. As a customer, you can do other things while waiting for your deliveries. You can also notify your delivery guy if you’re not at home yet. For delivery guys, you should contact your customers first before showing up at their houses. This way, you can avoid wasting your time for a customer who isn’t at home yet.


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