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Derek Ramsay’s Very Stunning House in Muntinlupa is Full of Designer’s Items

A house is also a reflection of the owner’s personality. Some prefer to have a simple and a small house, while the others go for a more spacious and grand looking home.

Derek Ramsay, an actor, host, model, and athlete, also made a vlog of his very elegant and full of unique items inside his house.

It is obvious that he has a fondness for art and designer pieces. His beautiful and cozy home in Muntinlupa is a testament to that.

What will first catch your attention in the living area is the e-bike from Vintage Electric, which only according to Derek, there are only a hundred pieces in the world. It serves as an accent piece. The living area is so spacious, and there are several artworks, luxe furniture, and elegant furnishings in place. It was indeed a picture-perfect spot of the house.

Another noticeable item is Derek’s choice of seating piece. He opted for a comfy sofa set from Roche Bobois, instead of an upholstered sofa with legs. It’s not only perfect for entertaining friends and lounging, but it can also double as extra decor as well given the pops of lively hues.

The dining area is also ornamented with unique pieces like a remote control glass table, photo frames of his loved ones, trophies and awards as an athlete, and an actor.

The actor’s personal space has a lot more designer pics. You will be impressed by how organized he is when you see his walk-in closet filled with branded clothes, and numerous shoes that almost half of it were not yet used.

Derek had chosen hardwood floors to balance out the raw finish of the walls. The actor’s bed is from a collection designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. You will feel like you are inside a hotel because of its ambiance especially with the choice of furniture and accessories.

One most relaxing part of Derek’s house is the extended part of his living room, wherein you will see a swimming pool area, and a big aquarium. Derek said he loves to spend most of his time on that area as it clears his mind and relieves his stress looking at the aquarium.

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