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DFA Launches Passport on Wheels in Manila

To serve the increasing number of people applying for passport, the Department of Foreign Affairs recently launched the Passport on Wheels. This new project aims to reduce the volume of applicants drawing in the DFA office every day.

Through the Passport on Wheels, applicants can apply or renew their passports without going to the DFA office. Likewise, the hours involve waiting in line for the processing will be shortened. This will save time, money and effort going back and forth to the DFA office.


This project will also address the issues thrown to the DFA that involve full appointment and long waiting time of slots to apply or renew the passports. Four Passport on Wheels were deployed that can serve 500 applicants daily. With this, additional 2000 slots will be added from January onwards.

The Passport on Wheels will visit barangays, towns, and cities to process passport applications right there and then.

Aside from the Passport on Wheels project, the DFA wishes to implement other improvements that include:

  • To further restructure the passport processing
  • To improve the online appointment system
  • To open more slots and at the same time provide additional capturing machines and staffs to assist the applicants
  • Continue to implement weekly mobile passporting services nationwide and to implement e-payment system
  • Courtesy lane or priority lane will be strictly implemented as mandated by law including senior citizens, PWDs, pregnant women, and children below 7 years old along with the parents

Through the Passport on Wheels project, application and renewal of passports will be more convenient and the processing will be expedited.

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However, still it is important to follow the guidelines in online appointment. To avoid delays or expiration of passports, you should consider setting an appointment three months prior to the expiration.

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