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DFA Passport Photo Guidelines – Things to Remember?

DFA Passport Photo Guidelines – In the past years, anyone who will apply for a passport is required to bring a passport size photos. It is also important to follow the guidelines for the photo such as white background, with collar shirts, and no wearing of accessories, otherwise your photo will not be accepted.

Today, applicants will be taken passport photo at the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA branch along with other biometrics. This means that on the day of your appointment, the biometrics will be taken in the presence of the DFA representative.


Thus, it’s important to know some reminders during your passport photo captured at the DFA.

  • While a DFA representative is evaluating your documents and asking some questions, a DLSR camera is focused at your face. Taking of your photo is done upon the advice of the representative. See to it that you look directly at the lens of the camera and avoid your “selfie angle”.
  • Avoid making any facial expression such as frowning or smiling too much, squint your eyes, or raising your eyebrows. There should be no hair covering your eyes or face, and the forehead should be visible. Both eyes must be open and the mouth closed. When you smile see to it that your teeth and gums are not showing.
  • Strictly no wearing of contact lens or eyeglass during the photo-op. Otherwise, you’ll be required to provide medical reasons of using contact lens.
  • Both ears must be seen that’s why your hair should be in place behind your ears. Likewise, hair accessories must be removed and unconventional hairstyle should be neatly kept.
  • For toddlers and babies who are unable to support themselves must be assisted by the parent during the photo taking. But, the arms and hands must not be seen in the photo

Once you visit any DFA branch, make sure you are properly dressed and follow the dress code implemented by the DFA.

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