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Dimples Romana Shares a Wonderful Family Vacation in Finland

Spending time with your family is important. Sometimes we tend to get busy at work and we forgot to visit our family more often. Some people prioritize their career, girlfriend or boyfriend, business, and school.

photo via dimples romana | ig

Sometimes we forget to talk to our loved ones and we have no idea what is happening in their lives. You are surprised to see that your children are now a grown up and your parents are getting older. This makes us realize that we should give time to our family and make more good memories with them.

photo via dimples romana | ig

You are blessed to have a supportive family who shows how much they love you every day. Parents should take care of their children and children should also spend quality time with their parents. Life is short and we never know how much time we have left.

photo via dimples romana | ig

Kapamilya actress Dimples Romana chose to spend quality time with her family. Even though she has a hectic schedule for taping television programs and movies, she makes sure to spend time with her loved ones.Dimples shared their recent family adventure in Finland. The photos showed Dimples and her husband Boyet Ahmee, spending time with Callie and Alonzo. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery in Finland.

photo via dimples romana | ig

Dimples shared the story in her Instagram account. She said their vacation is short but an amazing experience. She said that her husband and kids support her career as an actress. Dimples wanted to show how much she loves her family by spending time with them. She said that this family vacation gave her motivation in work and she is ready to take on new projects.

photo via dimples romana | ig

Dimples and her family stayed at Santa’s Glass Igloo Artic Circle. The Igloo is found in the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. The kids enjoyed their winter wonderland experience in real life. The whole family had an unforgettable sight of the beautiful Aurora Borealis inside their glass igloo.

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