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Dimples Romana Wore an Iron Man Suit just to Surprise Her Son’s Birthday

Dimples Romana is also known as Dianne Marie Romana. Dimples is a popular actress living in Parañaque City. Last year, Dimples gained popularity for her role Daniella Mondragon-Bartolome, in the ABS-CBN drama “Kadenang Ginto”.

A photo of Daniella wearing a red dress and strolling with a briefcase had gone viral on the internet. The photoshopped meme of her character traveling to strange places brought laughter to the netizens. Dimples’ character became so famous that she had parody appearances on commercials and other shows. Dimples were nominated as the “Department of Tourism” ambassador.

Dimples and her husband, Romeo Adecer Ahmee Jr. got married in the year 2003. The couple had two children named Callie Ahmee which is 15 years old and Alonzo Romeo Jose which is 5 years old. Alonzo celebrated his birthday recently. To surprise her son, the actress transformed into her son’s favorite superhero which is Iron Man.

Alonzo’s birthday was on February 12 and Dimples thought of a bright idea. This idea came from “Kadenang Ginto’s” last taping day. Her character wore a gladiator armor costume. The man who created the wonderful costume was costume designer Christian Mark Rodil.

Alonzo was shocked when he saw Iron Man on his 5th birthday. He did not know that it was just his mother because Dimples told him that she was working that day. Dimples was secretly changed into her costume in the other room.

Dimples shared her advice to parents. She said that some parents are very busy working that they had little time to spend with their children. Dimples said that children will appreciate and know they are loved if their parents will surprise them even once. Make your children feel special and they will forget that you have been busy working all the time.

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