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Dimples Romana’s has Extraordinary Wedding Gift to Angel Locsin on her Wedding

Kapamilya actress Dimples happily shared that she already has something in mind for the wedding of her best friend Angel Locsin. It may be extraordinary but she knows that Angel will love it as she is aware of how to make Anel happy. Dimples said that it’s hard to give Angel a gift because she is very simple. Angel is not fond of extravagant things but is happier when she’s able to donate to the less fortunate or the victims of calamities and disasters because she has such a good heart.

Furthermore, Dimples added that it will make Angel happier if the gift she’ll receive will be of help to other people. Dimples revealed that as she can see it if she gives Angel cash as a gift, it would be donated by the actress to a charitable institution. Instead, she will probably tell Angel that she will give her gift directly to a foundation or charity that Angel supports. It will make the actress happier that way.

Dimples also revealed that she, along with their other friends are preparing a bachelorette party for Angel and it will be something unexpected because the future bride isn’t like an ordinary one. The party won’t also be a girls-only event because their male friends will be there. It will be a happy party for the future Mrs. Arce.

Dimples also said that she’s very happy for her friend. She’s been with Angel from the start and she was able to witness everything that the future bride had gone through. She was also able to see how Neil Arce takes care of Angel and that he loves her so much. Angel Locsin’s family and friends are thrilled with their coming wedding. They are excited to see the new chapter in their beloved Angel’s life.

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