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Do These Things If You Want Perfect Photo Everytime

Are you someone who looks great on photos or do you have problems looking fantastic because of awkward poses? Don’t worry because we got you covered. First off, you need to know that there are certain poses that emphasizes your great features more. There are also poses that doesn’t look good. With that, here are the thirteen poses and styles you should do to make your photos look better and oozing with cuteness and appeal.

  • Keep Your Chin Up

Whatever you do, don’t bow your head. Bowing your head down will make your neck look shorter. You want an illusion of a longer neck because it will make you slimmer. A longer neck will flatter your whole face and make it look brighter. Gazing down will give you a gloomy personality on photo so don’t do that. To keep you chin forward or up, you must balance your head and tilt it up a little. Don’t worry because you won’t look awkward on your photo. If anything, it will make you look better.

  • No Crossing of the Arms

Crossing your arms during photo ops is a no-no. It can make you look unnatural and shapeless too. Another thing worth remembering is that crossing your arms makes you look unapproachable. What you can do is to just put your arms at your side and slightly slant your body to whichever side you are most comfortable with for a better angle. Through this technique, you can achieve another slimmer look. This pose also gives a well-defined aura.

  • Keep Your Posture Straight

Hunching your back will make your waistline appear fuller. It can make your neck look shorter and make you look slouchy. Great poses are the ones when the model is keeping her head up and whole body straight and confident and not stiff. If you’re sitting down, you should move your upper body a little far away from the back of the chair. This pose can make you look dignified.

  • Be Mindful of Your Angle

When sitting, positioning your whole body in front of the camera will make you look full and bulky but turning a little to the side can do wonders. You may also want to try to put one leg above the other for a slender angle. This pose will make you look like royalty, decent, and very feminine.

  • Put Your Torso to the Right Position

There’s a right key to make your photo look awesome. You should angle your upper body sideways to give the impression of a full bust and slim waistline. Keep the camera not too far but not too near either. Putting the camera too far away from the upper body will make the shoulders look narrow while putting it nearer can make it look fuller.

  • Visual Lines in Photos

Just standing straight like a stick won’t give you a good photo. Certain angles must be done to ensure that the results are more than okay. Arms that are slightly far from sides are a good start. It will also look nicer if you place your hand on your thigh when in a standing position. You should also avoid pointing your elbow to the camera because your body will look short. If you must touch your face when having your photos taken, touch it in a light way and not like you’re gripping it.

  • Wear Clothes that Flatter You

Wearing clothes that are not too fit but also not baggy are better than loose fit clothes. Baggy clothes can make your body look bigger. Semi-fit clothes give the illusion of fit and form. This doesn’t mean that you want to look different in photos but good photos are the ones when you are posing the right way and wearing the right clothes.

Posing for a photo is a fun experience especially if you’re going to post it on Social Media. Feel free to play with your angles and style. Just remember these pointers so you’ll look extra cute and amiable in photos. Have fun picture taking! How about you? What are your favorite poses and which camera or mobile phone do you use when taking photos?


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