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Do You Remember Jana Agoncillo of ‘Ningning’? This Is How She Looks Now

The Philippines showbiz industry has a lot to offer. From multi-awarded stars, television programs, a talented artist in all fields, and promising child star, what could we prove more?

Do you remember Jana Agoncillo, famously known as “Ningning”? If you are an avid fan of teleseryes or soap operas, then you probably know this beautiful and talented young star. But we know that she won’t stay as a kid right. You might be curious how she looks right now.

Photo source: Jana Agoncillo/Instagram

Many young actors are starting to create a name in the showbiz industry. One of them is the pretty, young, and talented dramatic and indie star Jana Agoncillo. She became famous when she starred in TV shows such as NingNing, Dream Dad, Honesto, and Bagani. She also appeared on the big screen like Nervous Translation (2017), Everything About Her (2016), and Tía Madré (2019).

Photo source: Jana Agoncillo/Instagram

Born on August 28, 2008, the promising child star is turning 12 this year. Her charming and acting skills captured the hearts of many viewers. She played the role of Ketchup Eusebio’s daughter in “NingNing”. During the 38th Catholic Mass Media Awards, “NingNing” won “Best Drama Series” and Jana was awarded “Best New Female TV Personality.”

Photo source: Jana Agoncillo/Instagram

It was very challenging for her when she played the role of an introverted girl who found a pen that can translate the feelings of nervous people.

Photo source: Jana Agoncillo/Instagram

But after her soap opera entitled “Dream Dad,” Jana’s acting career became a little bit dormant. Even though she is not as active as before, her avid supporters didn’t forget her. She always updates them through her social media account.

Photo source: Jana Agoncillo/Instagram

Jana is happy spending her time with her family, enjoys posting pictures and videos of them to keep her fan updated. Hope to see more project for Jana in the next years. For sure she’ll be a good addition to our Philippine young prima donnas. Let see!

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