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Do You Remember? The Model Behind the Popular Baby Food Gerber

Who would not know the baby food Gerber that has been in the market for several decades? Gerber is a baby food launched in 1927 by the couple Daniel Frank and Dorothy Gerber. Their main objective of making Gerber was to provide nutritious food for their daughter, Sally.

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They never expect that the product they have launched will be recognized in the market. Due to the positive response in the market, the couple decided to have an official logo and branding for the product in 1928. Thus, one day they included an adorable face of a baby in the official logo of Gerber.

But the face remains mysterious to the buyers. This year, Gerber is celebrating its 90 years in the market. The company decided to reveal to the public who is behind the cute face on this baby product. Ann Turner Cook is the baby model of Gerber. She’s now 92 years old and has been the model of this popular baby food for almost nine decades.

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Ann Turner Cook was born on November 20, 1926 and became the official model of Gerber when she was more than a year old. Dorothy Hope Smith has made a sketch of Cook’s face and has it submitted in the contest. Cook’s family never expected that the sketch will be chosen.

Cook lives in Tampa, Florida and she’s now a retired teacher and novelist.  Recently, Cook met the new face or “spokesbaby” of Gerber named Lucas. The company has been looking for a “spokesbaby” who will serve as an ambassador or new face in the different products of Gerber. They used social media particularly Instagram is searching for the new face of this baby product.

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