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Dog Chasing a Monkey Riding Bike Surprises Bystanders

This one will definitely make you laugh your heart out for it is not something that you will see daily. It’s a stressful life nowadays and watching this hilarious video will make you forget your worries for a few minutes. You can see dogs running after a cat but seeing a dog chasing a monkey is such a surprise; not to mention that the monkey is even riding a bike as the dog is chasing after him.

The video shows a small black dog chasing a monkey who is riding a bike. The scene is so hilarious you’ll just find yourself laughing. It’s so funny following their every move; how the dog just kept on running after the monkey oblivious of the people around watching them.

It’s so much fun watching the two animals without even knowing why the dog just kept on running to catch the monkey. It’s a wonder actually why the dog won’t stop chasing the monkey who’s also wondering too. The monkey kept on looking back at the dog but just went on running away.

The online community got a good laugh while watching said video and it’s starting to get a good number of shares and likes. It already has about 33k views and it continues to grow. If you really want to spend a few minutes laughing to your heart’s satisfaction, then go watch this video all over again and it will definitely make your day happy.

It’s time to break away from the usual violent videos or the ones that everyone sees daily on the net. If you’re into some stress or something, this video is a must watch for you and even your family and friends. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t seen it yet, watch now and be relieved for some time.

Watch the funny chasing video here:

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