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Dog Falls from Boat and Netizen Were Not Believe on What Happened Next

The sea can both be a magnificent beauty and dangerous place because there are creatures beneath that either eat humans or release harmful poison when you touched them. But humans are not the only ones who can be in danger when they swim for a long period on open water.

Dogs can face danger too but even when it gets scary, sometimes there is help in the form of dolphins. This dog which fell from a boat was in danger of being eaten by a shark. It was on open water so there are sharks lurking around and these are big sharks. Then out of nowhere the dolphin came and rescued the dog and the dog was safe.


This is a very nice video of new friendship between a dog and a dolphin and a remarkable story that animals do help each other regardless of classification. When the dolphin saved the dog, it didn’t think if the shark is going to attack. What it was thinking is that the dog needs to be saved so the dolphin did the best thing it could ever do. The shark went away when it saw that the dolphin was going to fight just to help the dog.


If only humans can also do the same thing. Instead of tearing each other apart, why don’t we help one another to be better at life? While this is something positive, it doesn’t happen that easily because it’s human nature to be destructive but if we get some pointers from our animal friends then maybe we can start loving each other and supporting one another rather than fighting and turning to a life of violence. The love of animals is admirable and we should all imitate that kind of love.

Watch the touching video here | Facebook

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