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Dog Owners Anger Netizens When They Leave Their Crying Dog Behind

A depressing video where two dog owners riding a motorcycle left their dog behind in a road has angered many netizens. The dog who was seen crying and touching his owners with his paws was left behind and running after his owners. The dog made several attempts to come with them because he felt that he will be left behind so when the stoplight said go and his owners’ motorcycle moved forward, he knew that it was really their intention to live him so even when there were many vehicles around he went forward just to catch up to them but they didn’t feel sorry for the dog and just kept going. They were even seen shooing the dog away.

This video is said to have been recorded in Colombia. It wasn’t clear why the dog owners would leave their dog because he didn’t seem violent and was even crying as they left him which made netizens think that the owners are cruel people. They didn’t look like they feel sorry for their dog when many owners fight for their dogs and would do anything to make their dog healthy and alive.

It’s such a shame that up to this day, there are still dog owners who neglect their dogs. Animals also have feelings so they know when their owners are losing interest in them and they get hurt by this. If having a dog can be a burden then just don’t own a dog instead of leaving them because they can also get depression because of that or if the dog has done something wrong or is sick and it’s hard to pay for medicines then just have the dog adopted instead of leaving the dog on a busy street where he might get hit.

Watch the video here:

source: YouTube | Facebook

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