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Dogs Being Fed With Bread And Sausages With Nails Made Rounds Online.

Pets are family. May it be a bird, a reptile, a cat or a dog. They are our stress relievers, our playmates after a hard day at work. Dogs are perfect companions, even deemed as a man’s best friend.

Although there are many people who love taking care of dogs, there are also people who love to see them in pain. I have friends who are volunteers in dog shelters and they often tell me that they see abandoned and hurt stray dogs. Like humans, they are thriving to survive a day and it’s heartbreaking to see them treated badly.

Photo Source: Dog Lover / Facebook

With that in mind, one Facebook post shocked many dog lovers after seeing a post that shows animal cruelty. Some heartless individuals gave some stray dogs bread and sausages with nails inside, according to Dog Lover, a Facebook page.

Photo Source: Dog Lover / Facebook

The nails are evenly placed inside the bread and sausages. Making it invisible to the eyes of the dogs. Since they are all hungry and excited to have a bite, they will just munch the food without noticing the nails inside. Thus this will make them weak, sickly, and eventually languish, according to Goodtimes. Not good!

Photo Source: Dog Lover / Facebook

Nails are solid materials and when consumed, can cause discomfort and even worst. These poor animals are no capable of telling people what they feel and we robbed them with things they deserve. Just like humans, they also deserve respect, being cared for, and loved. This news broke the hearts of many and earned so many critics.

Photo Source: Dog Lover / Facebook

How can we hurt these poor furbabies? These actions should not be tolerated. It’s nice to know that we have organizations supporting animal rights. Just like us they also need a home and a family. Stop animal cruelty. Be an animal lover, or care at least.

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