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Dogs Chased and Bite Young Man but Everyone Just Laughed

Many people know that dogs are very friendly animals. They are known to be gentle with kids and pregnant women. There are many breeds of dogs and getting one should depend on one’s personality and life activities so that the owner and her dog is compatible. The picture of dog as being a gentle and cute animal is very common that’s why this video of some dogs running after a young man surprised everyone. It was a short video that showed how a young man tried to run away from the dogs especially one dog who kept on biting him.

What’s surprising is that the people around him didn’t help him but just laughed instead so it wasn’t clear if they were just having fun with the dogs or what is really happening at that time. The dogs were very fast and couldn’t wait to bite the young man again and again. The young man was able to climb the wall but the dogs aren’t done yet so they kept attacking while everyone was having a good laugh about the incident.

Although it wasn’t clear what caused the dog to attack the young man but they were very keen on chasing him and no one and nothing can stop them. Dogs are calm creatures so when something like this happens, people can’t help but think that they’re only fighting for themselves.

Dogs will never intentionally bite or harm humans but if a dog is attacking, it may be due to abuse or the dog having a mental problem or is affected with rabies. Whatever the reason, it’s still important to have yourself vaccinated if you get bitten by a dog because their bites can be dangerous and might get you infected.


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