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“Dont Let Go” Netizens Have Raised Different Speculations About the Captured Moments of Young Couple

Why many people are taking photos or videos of other people without consent? They even upload the captured video on social media.

Recently, a video became viral when it was uploaded to a Facebook page. No one knows what is the reason of the person who had taken the video and why it was uploaded in the social media. The captured moments had created a debate and made the netizens think anything about the people involved in the video.

As seen in the video is a young couple in which the girl is hugging the guy on his neck. If you are the one who has seen this scenario you will think that the couple is doing a PDA or public display of affection. But, if you will analyze the video you will notice that the girl is the only one hugging the guy, yet the guy is not even responding.

The actions of the guy are somewhat confusing as he even tried to let go of the arms of the girl. Obviously, there’s something not good is happening between the two. It is also noticeable in the face of the guy that it seems he was hurting.

Thus, people who have viewed the video have different speculations. A netizen said that maybe the guy wants to break off with his girlfriend, but the girl doesn’t want the idea.  Other people conclude that perhaps the girl did something wrong that has made the guy decide to break with her.


Whatever has been happening between the two still they deserve some respect. On the part of the couple, they should have made the confrontation in private so that they would not attract attention from the people passing them by.

As humans, we should be responsible enough in taking photos or capturing videos without permission. In a way, it is not permissible by the law particularly the act of uploading the video on the social media.

Watch the video here | Source Facebook

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