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Doug and Cheska Kramer highlighted the value of sports into children, and the benefits it can give to them

Parents are the first responsible for their kid’s learnings and growth. It always helps if parents train their children at a very young age. The value of many things, such as honing their skills, moral values, academic intelligence, and even sports. Life must be balanced.

One of the most famous celebrity families that we know is the Kramer Family. They continuously share on their FB page and their YouTube channel their daily activities and the life-updates.

As the pandemic limit outdoor activities, the Team Kramer with mommy Chesca and daddy Doug, decided to have their kids Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin learn jiu-jitsu. Accordingly, it’s the best time for their children to learn a sport.

According to Chesca, sports are a good way for their children to foster good values like humility. On her Facebook post on their page, she said, “One of the things I love about sports is that it teaches kids to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat!”

Moreover, sports are also a good way to discipline children and good traits that will help not only their physical body but also their mental and social growth for the rest of their lives.

“It teaches them what sportsmanship is about. Showing a good attitude, whether they win or lose! So many lessons and teachings about humility, patience, self-control, perseverance, gentleness, honesty, respect, and teamwork- all these traits are important attributes and discipline that they will take with them all throughout their life”, Chesca explained.

Besides the good values, Chesca pointed out that it also helps the parents and kids to have a bonding time. “A good time for parents to guide them and teach them about values as they evolve in the sport they love,” she said.

As we all know, Doug is a basketball player, and he knew well, the benefits and impact of being in sports.


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One netizen said, “As they always say, start them early. They’re lucky to have you. And as an athlete parent, cherish your time with your children as they grow up. Stay safe, always.”

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