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Elementary Students Initiated to Create 3D Crosswalk Bars

In the United States, two elementary students initiated to create 3D crosswalk bars. They thought that these bars will serve as a precautionary measure for drivers.

Reckless driving of vehicles can cause loss of property and worse life. This is very common in most roads and even narrow streets where drivers tend to drive their vehicles recklessly. Knowing the consequences of irresponsible driving, these two elementary students decided to paint 3D crosswalk bars in front of schools.

The 3D bars give an illusion to drivers that they would come across bars in the middle of the road. Thus, they would stop before hitting the 3D crosswalk bars. Isa and Eric are also members of CCSR or Center for Citizenship and Social Responsibility in Medford, USA. They are encouraging their fellow children to participate in any activity for community development.

Mike Coates, adviser of CSSR and a teacher in Brooks Elementary School, reiterated that he strongly believes to the ability of Isa and Eric. Who would thought that elementary students can come up with an idea of 3D crosswalk bars? That’s why Coates and the mayor of Medford are supporting such a project.

Nate Swain is an artist responsible for realizing the idea of 3D crosswalk bars by painting them on the streets. This idea is not new because in a small town in Iceland there’s also zebra-colored 3D crosswalks painted on the roads.

This bright idea that Isa and Eric have created can help save a life for people walking on the streets. Likewise, it will also instill discipline in drivers to drive slowly once they are approaching places with these 3D paintings.


May this idea be implemented in the Philippines knowing that everyday road accidents happen due to reckless driving. Roads in front of schools and other places with high foot traffic should have these 3d crosswalk bars.


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