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Empoy’s Simple but Elegant House in Bulacan

Empoy Marquez hit it big via the movie Kita Kita with Alessandra de Rossi. The actor-comedian became busy with several projects after this movie. This is why he prefers to go home to his condo unit in Quezon City even if he has a two-story house in Bulacan. He acquired the property in 2009. It’s a simple but homey house but Empoy said that he still plans of building his dream home someday. He wants it to have a basketball court, swimming pool and a spot to view the rice fields.

Would you like to take a peek inside Empoy’s Bulacan home? The house is peaceful and homey. Although the best description is its simplicity, it’s very spacious and the living area has enough space to entertain visitors. There are basic pieces that visitors will notice once they step inside the house.


It’s a simple but cute two-story house. It has a balcony where you can catch a glimpse of Empoy’s bedroom. Plants provide some privacy for the owners. It is protected with a wrought iron gate.

Living Area

The walls have a white finish but the sofa adds color to the room. The cool earth seating pieces give the home a relaxing feel. The green accent chair placed under the stairs is a perfect addition to the living area. The L-shaped seating piece was bought from a Bulacan furniture store while the yellow ottoman was from Dimensione. The curtains are navy blue and white.

The TV is placed on top of a wooden shelf which also holds the speakers. There’s another ottoman beside the shelf where they have placed their video player.

Arched walls connect the areas on the ground floor.

Kitchen and Dining Area

There’s an altar on the other side of the kitchen wall where statues of Mama Mary and Sto. Nino is placed. A body mirror and a couch are also added near the kitchen area. The kitchen has an L-shaped cooking area. The kitchen area is simple but spacious enough and neat. The cabinets are coated with natural varnish and they used light brown tiles as backsplash. There’s a dirty kitchen at the back of their garage where they cook the meals.

There’s a brown 6-seater dining table in the dining area. The seating pieces’ cushion is covered with printed silk fabric. There are black wall decals that liven up the wall a white-colored cabinet stands in one corner to serve as storage and hold the décor. The gray refrigerator stands over the wall between the dining and kitchen area.


Empoy’s bedroom is also very simple. There’s a flat-screen TV, AC unit, several seating pieces, and a sofa bed. He also has his small bathroom. There’s a mountain bike and some posters of his movies lay by the floor.

He has a wooden cabinet that holds his comic books and action figures he has collected through the years. The TV is placed on top of a console table which also holds his CDs, vintage Sony radio operated by battery, and other stuff.


There’s a balcony with sliding glass doors that can be accessed through his bedroom or from the garage stairway. It’s spacious and features a fishpond. Empoy said that it’s his favorite part of the house. There are some coldwater fish like goldfish and parrotfish. The area is protected by wrought iron grills and walls. The floor has off-white and gray tiles which make it look like a chessboard.

There’s a nice view from the balcony and the family can have breakfast there or simply just relax. Empoy and family probably love staying here to idle away time.


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