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Fact! Is It Safe to Use Electric Fans and Air Conditioning Units During Intense Temperature

The temperature all over the country is intense even in the provinces. That’s why many Filipinos opt to use electric fans and or air-conditioning units in their homes. Using them can alleviate the intense heat and eventually makes the temperature a little bit cool.

But is it safe for our health to use these cooling systems?  Studies revealed that constant use of an electric fan and air-conditioning units have some negative effects on our health. Dr. Ma. Encarnita Blanco-Limpin, M.D also testified the bad effects.

Fact!-Is-It-Safe-to-Use-Electric-Fans-and-Air-Conditioning-Units-During-Intense-Temperature 0

Why it is dangerous?

According to Dr. Blanco-Limpin, these cooling systems accumulate dirt that’s why the wind and air that comes out from them contains dirt that eventually spread in the room. Regardless you are cleaning the unit regularly, dirt still accumulates.

Inhaling the air generated from these cooling systems can cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. Many people don’t know that there are bacteria that thrive in the air-conditioning units that lead to the spread of infection.

How to avoid danger?

These cooling systems can make you feel relax and comfortable, but they also pose risks to your health. Thus, Dr. Limpin recommends cleaning the electric fans and ACU’s thoroughly and regularly. Make sure that the accumulated dust and dirt, as well as dust mites, are removed. Otherwise, it will trigger asthmatic reactions and allergies.

In addition, staying in an air-conditioned room for long hours is also detrimental to your health. After getting out from an air-conditioned room causes a sudden shift of temperature that has negative effects on the body. People suffering from asthma attacks should refrain from staying in a room with ACU because extreme temperatures can trigger the illness.

Fact!-Is-It-Safe-to-Use-Electric-Fans-and-Air-Conditioning-Units-During-Intense-Temperature 1

The balance of heat and coolness

In every situation, it is important to ensure balance. Maintaining a balance of heat and coolness is essential to our health. Experts say that there’s nothing wrong indulging in hot temperature as long as you sweat. It’s because when you perspire it regulates the body temperature.

If you can’t do without using electric fans or air-conditioning units all the time, the best thing that you should do is to clean the units frequently. You need not hire a technician to do the task because you can do it your own. Make sure to clean both the inner and outer part of the unit.

You can use artificial air that helps you feel cool, but as much as possible use the natural air.

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