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Faithful Dog Cuddles Kid Until He’s No Longer Lonely

Dogs are the cuddly companions of people who feel lost, children who needs playmates, single people who need someone to hold, families who need a new member and senior people who need guidance. For so many years, dogs have been friends to people who suffer disabilities. Proofs of these are the dogs working as guides for these people. They help them get their groceries, hug them when they feel pain and even alert medics when there’s an emergency.

In a video uploaded on Facebook, this kid who looks like he is suffering from a genetic disorder called Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21 is being pacified by a dog. The kid may be throwing tantrum fits or he is not feeling well but the sure thing is, the dog is there to help him through it all.

The dog was very gentle and patient with the kid who at first was reluctant to show his love for the dog but the dog was persistent. He stayed with the kid and gave all his love as much as he can. It will be seen that there are times when the kid would ignore and push the dog away but maybe the dog was thinking he isn’t going to give up on his friend so he continues to reach out to the kid.


Slowly, the kid seemed to like the dog and as time went on, he’s also cuddling the dog too. The seemed happy and fulfilled as he was noticed by his little friend. As the video ended, the kid and the dog showed a deep bond with each other; something that’s hard to break.


It seems like the dog will always be there for the kid no matter what. Dogs are really men’s best friend. They’re loyal and they will do everything to make their owners happy just like with this dog.

Watch the video here : The dog tried his best to soothe the boy

source: Facebook | YouTube

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