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Famous Filipino Celebrities with Prenuptial Agreement

Although some may not think positively about couples having a prenup, it’s legal protection for both partners. It’s not just about thinking that the union will not work out but in the long run, it gives both of them peace of mind should something goes wrong or someone passes away ahead of the other.

Sharon Cuneta & Francis Pangilinan

imagae credit to: reallysharoncuneta IG

The mega couple signed a prenuptial agreement before they tied the knot. They’ve been married for twenty-three years now. In 2017, during Sharon’s interview with Boy Abunda, she mentioned having debts amounting to millions. According to her, Kiko can’t help her pay because of the prenup agreement they have signed.

imagae credit to: reallysharoncuneta IG

Heart Evangelista & Chiz Escudero

image credit to iamhearte IG

The couple got married in 2015 at the beautiful island of Balesin, Quezon. As to everyone’s knowledge, Heart belongs to a family of restaurateurs. Before tying to knot, the couple was reported to have signed a prenuptial agreement.

image credit to iamhearte IG

According to sources, the couple’s new home was from Heart’s savings and is in her name.

Ai-ai delas Alas

image credit to msaiaidelasalas IG

The controversial couple got married in 2017. The comedy queen has admitted that they have a prenuptial agreement. According to AI-ai, her husband, Gerald Sibayan, was the one who initiated the prenup agreement. For his peace and to avoid bashings, she agreed although, for her, money is not an issue. What matters is the love between them.

Ai-ai also signed a prenup agreement when she married Jed Salang in Las Vegas in 2013.

Vicky Belo & Hayden Kho

image credit to victoria_belo IG

The couple got married in 2017. They have signed a prenuptial agreement and according to Dra. Belo, it was Hayden’s idea to have one. This is to stop the doubts that he’s only after her wealth.

image credit to victoria_belo IG

Samantha Lopez

image credit to samanthalopeznyc IG

Samantha Lopez, aka Gracia, got divorced from her husband of ten years, Warren Edwards. Her ex-husband is a British tycoon who heads a shoe design, manufacturing, and retail store in Manhattan, New York City.


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