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Fans Amaze as Erwan Heussaff Enjoys Spending Quality Time With His Daughter Dahlia

Looks like Dahlia will be daddy’s little girl. Erwan Heussaff recently shared photos of his daughter on his Instagram account. Erwan posted a photo of himself while cuddling his baby. He also shared a video of Dahlia’s kicking and playing. You will hear Dahlia making adorable baby sounds even though her face is not shown in the video.

photo via erwan heussaff | ig

Anne Curtis gave birth to Dahlia Amélie last March 2. Erwan posted his daughter’s little feet on Instagram with a caption. He said that he and his wife welcomed their first baby on March 2. He said that his heart grew in one day. Erwan fell more in love with Anne. He said that he admired how strong his wife is during pregnancy and labor. He owe a lot from her wife.

photo via erwan heussaff | ig

Anne Curtis also posted her daughter’s pictures on her Instagram account. Anne said that she was only able to love someone so much now. She is hurting in a good way. She said that she can’t explain the love she feels. It is the first time that she love someone this way. This love filled her life with brim and joy. Anne said that she will love, protect and guide her daughter every step of the way. She proudly introduced Dahlia to the world.

photo via erwan heussaff | ig

The couple who recently became parents received so much support from other celebrities. Anne and Erwan received a funny comment from Nico Bolzico. Nico Bolzico said that Erwan should talk to him if he needs a good advice about parenting. Solenn Heussaff is Erwan’s sister while Nico Bolzico is Solenn’s husband. Nico and Solenn are also new parents and welcomed their baby last January 1. Babies bring happiness to parents. A baby can help make a relationship stronger. Parents are responsible in taking care of their child and teaching good moral values.

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