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Filipino Celebrities Who Treats Their Kasambay as Family Member

Many Pinoy households hire helpers, especially when the parents are both busy. Yaya or nannies are the ones who take care of the little ones. They nurture them while mommy and daddy work. Thus the kids are very close to them.

The drivers, on the other hand, help the busy parents take a nap in the car. Drives are especially helpful when the parents are doctors. Some all-around maids will clean the house, cook delicious meals, do the dishes, laundry, and iron clothes.

They’re great helps to everyone. This is why there are celebrities that are even more famous because they treat their helpers well. Some of these are Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla, KC Concepcion, Kris Aquino, Isabelle Daza, and Cheska and Doug Karmer.

They treat their helpers like members of the family.

Mariel and Robin Padilla

The couple already has two daughters named Maria Isabelle and Maria Gabriela. Robin is busy in his endeavors while Mariel was also busy as a host on noontime show “It’s Showtime.” before she got pregnant with Maria Gabriella.

Marielle is also a hands-on mother. But there are still times when she will need some help taking care of them. This is why they have helpers who assist them in taking care of the kids.

They’re very appreciative of them. There’s an instance when the couple gave a bouquet of flowers to their helpers.

Isabella Daza

Yaya Luning took care of Belle when she was still a baby. Belle is now married and has a son, Baltie. Her Yaya Luning still lives with them and even as she ages, she is the one taking care of Baltie.

Belle is a good boss to her helpers as well. On one interview with Boy Abunda, she mentioned that she gives the helpers the right benefits as implemented by the government. She even encourages them to save up through passbooks and doubles the amount they save every December.

Kris Aquino

The “Queen of all Media” shares how much she loves her helpers. Kris’s sons Joshua and Bimby have nannies. Being a busy celebrity, endorser, businesswoman, and more, Kris couldn’t take care of her kids as much as she wants.

Joshua also has a condition that needs more attention. Their helpers/nannies like Bincai Luntayao is well-loved by the family. Proof of this is the house that Kris helped build.

In one instance, Kris even financed the wedding of their helper.

Cheska and Doug Kramer

Young couple Cheska and Doug are hands-on parents. They’re in-demand endorser for family products, children’s products, and more. They’re happy and in love with their three kids; Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

Their kindness shines through. They built a lounge area for their helpers when they moved to their new and bigger house. They also gave them more space in the house.

KC Concepcion

She’s following the footsteps of her mom! Do you remember Yaya Luring? She’s the famous nanny of “Megastar” Sharon Cuneta. Sharon is one of the celebrities who treats her helpers well.

KC is also like Sharon. She grew up having Yaya Lina around. She considers her nanny a second mother. In 2018, KC gave Yaya Lina a house and lot to show how grateful she is for the lady who dedicated her life to her.

Angeline Quinto

image via angeline quinto | ig

Angeline shared that Kuya Boy’s motorcycle is about to give up. She is aware that he finds it hard to start his ride to his home in Antipolo. The motorcycle is already an old one. So, it has been used a lot.

Kuya Boy is Angeline’s driver. She shared that he is a kind family man. She loves him dearly like a member of the family.

Kudos to these celebrities! They may be rich and famous, but they remember the helpers who made their lives more comfortable. Their helpers didn’t mind if they don’t meet anyone to marry as long as they stay with their favorite family. Showering them with love and sometimes gifts are the bests way to show gratitude and love for their helpers!

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