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Finally After 30 Years, Alice Dixson Tells the Story of Human Snake that She Experienced at Mall

Almost three decades ago, the actress Alice Dixson was in the limelight not because of her acting career but because of one big controversy regarding her traumatic and nightmarish experience at Robinson’s mall.

Approximately thirty years ago, Alice was rumored being trapped and fell victim of the human snake inside a mall. The actress being quiet about the issue since the said incident, made the issue a talked about a topic that was passed after generations.

On her Instagram post, while driving her car, she says, “I’m now here at Robinson’s Galleria here in Ortigas Avenue, this is where you know… Kwento kop o sa inyo ang detalye ng nangyari noong araw na iyon.”

Finally, after so long, Alice will be revealing the truth behind this controversial issue since she promised a friend that she would be telling her own version of the story, and she feels that this year is the right time.

When she was guest on Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s show in 2016, Regine asked about the kidnapping incident where she was reported to be almost swallowed by a snake. Alice replied that she being referred to in the rumors but it was not true and did not elaborate or added any explanation.

According to ABS-CBN, there were legends about the mutant snake inside Robinson’s mall that once he found a woman that interests him, he would simply flip a switch, and there is a hole in the flow where the woman will drop down straight into the snake’s belly.

Meanwhile, Alice’s statement about this issue will be available in her next vlog on YouTube, so those interested to know the whole truth will just wait for her next video to be uploaded.

There were rumors that the Gokongwei family paid the actress to silence the issue and not say anything about it. But finally, after a few days, the mall will either gain a good or bad name when Alice Dixson reveals the entire story of this “human snake” controversy inside the Robison’s mall.

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