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Former “Ang TV” Cast Gio Alvarez is Now a Grown-up and a Family Man

Gio Alvarez was a household name in the 90s. Together with the Guwapings; Mark Anthony Fernandez, Eric Fructuoso, and Jomari Yllana, he acted in several hit teen flicks. The gang often included Jao Mapa, Claudine Baretto, Nikka Valencia, and Erika Fife. Fans who grew up in the 90s had amazing years idolizing these people. He is also brother to Guila and Luigi Alvarez who are also living peaceful lives away from the limelight.

Gio belonged to the roster of talents of ABS-CBN. He was a cast member in the defunct hit comedy show of Comedy King Dolphy, “Home Along Da Riles”. He played Dolphy’s second son, Bob. He acted alongside Nova Villa, Smokey Manoloto, Vandolph, Claudine Baretto, and more. He acted in other shows and films as well before quitting showbiz.

Today, Gio is a family man. He is now 43 years old and is a father of five. He became a dad when he was 20. All his four children live with him while his oldest named Kaylene lives in the US. She is now 23 years old. His youngest is only seven months old. Her name is Matilda and she is his child with his current partner Jayvie Agojo who is a professional golfer. The couple is hands-on parents to Matilda. He insisted that they want to take care of her by themselves. So, they make sure they attend to all her needs without the help of others.

He is a fulfilled father stating that he finds it amazing that he and his partners are the only ones responsible for the wellbeing of Matilda. He also stated that all his kids are daddy’s kids. He added that he won’t prohibit his kids if they want to join showbiz someday. After all, their father was an actor and a very good one. But, he wishes for them to finish their studies first.

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