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Former Child Actor L.A. Lopez Shares Life as a Pastor and Former Showbiz Career

Lyle Areanne Lopez or better known as LA Lopez is now a fulfilled pastor. Born on June 1, 1985; the 34-year old actor is now living a peaceful life through his religion. The Comedy King Dolphy Quizon discovered LA when he joined the talent search “That’s My Boy”. The talent search is from the famed “Eat Bulaga” show. That paved the way for his successful acting stints. He became a regular on the hit children’s show “Eh Kasi Bata”. He became the face of the Department of Health or DOH in his childhood due to his wholesome image. He acted on TV, films, and theatre. He also became a public speaker. As a young singer, he won many Awit Awards trophies. He is a baritone singer.

Not everything went well with his showbiz career though. As a child actor, many people questioned his gender orientation. They accused him of being gay. While he has many fans, he also had a lot of detractors at that time. This was an emotional part of his growing life. One comedian even made a spoof about him showing he has a mental disability. This is one of the most painful experiences he had in showbiz. He would go to school feeling anxious because his school mates will tease him about the spoof. They said that he is indeed retarded due to his tiny voice. This has put a toll on his mental health. School mates weren’t the only ones who bullied LA. Even random people in malls and other places felt they had to join in the fun. He became depressed that his mother Ylona felt she had to file a case against the spoof creator.

The spoof creator didn’t issue a public apology. It was all they wanted because of how it harmed LA. The mother and son decided to retract the case. Ylona talked to LA and told him that he should stop acting and let go of the bad experiences. She said that she convinced LA to just use what’s left of his earnings for college. They went to the US where he continued school. They became a part of a Christian church and LA became a pastor after college. That church sent LA again here in the Philippines to become a pastor here. He was 26 when he became a full-fledged pastor. The church is called the Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines. It’s a missionary church hailing from Crescent City Florida, USA. Its Philippine head office is located in Quezon City. He also got a degree in Musical Theatre from the Florida School of the Arts. He received a U.S.A Presidential scholarship to take this course.

Everyone calls him Pastor Lyle these days. He shared that there is no resentment anymore about the past. He has forgiven and feels no bitterness about his bad experiences in showbiz. He acknowledges the power of God for helping him survive the challenges when he was younger. He also spearheads the Filipino version of the Christ Commission Fellowship’s Elevate, formerly Youth Ministry J-Zone. He calls the Filipino group Jzone Pinoy.

For his showbiz dreams, LA made a 2002 comeback song entitled “Yakap”. The song was included in the Top Billboard charts in the country. It also graced the radio countdowns. He got a gold record award for this song. In 2016, he sang Love Never Fails for Windsound recording company. He also composed and recorded I See You in 2017. This was the theme song of Andy and Jade of defunct My Binondo Girl TV series from ABS-CBN. His song is from the album Ikaw Pa Rin. He might have experienced some harsh things during his time in showbiz but that didn’t keep him from missing it. He admits missing it very much, hence the songs he writes from time to time.

He also maintained that he has put the past behind him. With the help of his church family, he became more patient and slower to anger. He also said in his Umagang Kay Ganda guesting that he wants to share his talent through God’s grace.


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