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Former ST Actress Rita Magdalena Shares Her Life After Showbiz Stint

Remember the sexy stars of the late 90s and early 2000s? One of them is Rita Magdalena. She became famous for showing some skin. The daring actress starred in some sensual movies. These are Bawal Mahalin Bawal Ibigin, Hapdi ng Tag-init, and Pusong Hiram. She could have been more popular but decided to quit showbiz.

The former daring actress is now living a simple life. She moved to the US in 2008. Her family was already living there at that time and relocating was a great idea to stay together. She followed them to San Diego in California. This was also where she met her husband, Christopher Bartleson. They met online first, through the defunct Yahoo Messenger. They’ve been inseparable since. The couple got married on September 9, 2011, at 12:13 NN. Rita said that the combinations of those numbers are 9-10-11-12-13! She was ecstatic declaring it proving her unending love for her husband.


She became pregnant in 2014 but suffered from a miscarriage. It was an emotional time for the couple but all went well when she got pregnant again. They now have a healthy baby boy. Rita also gained weight from that pregnancy. The former daring actress doesn’t seem to mind though. She is now 215 lbs but still feels happy that she has a baby. Aside from family life, Rita is busy taking a short course in acting. She studying at the University of California. The university is in San Diego. It’s unclear to Rita if she will still go back to acting. She said that she is enjoying her school days, for now.

The former daring actress may be out of the limelight but she manages to keep her showbiz friendships intact. She often communicates with Abby Viduya/Priscilla Almeda who is also a former daring star.

Though Rita is unsure if she wants to come back to showbiz, the actress is living a good life in the US. It’s only a matter of time before we find out. What do you think?

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