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Former Starstruck Survivor Rainier Castillo Shared The Reason Why He Left Showbiz.

Remember Rainier Castillo? He is a Filipino actor who is tagged as the “Dao Ming Xi”, a character from the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden, and known for his killer smile. Many are asking of his whereabouts after leaving the limelight, curious about the reason why he left showbiz.

Rainier Joseph Diaz Castillo, popularly known as Rainier Castillo, is one of the multitalented artists in the Philippine showbiz industry. He is considered as the Jerry Yan or Dao Ming Xi of his Filipino fans. He joined the first season of StarStruck in GMA and made it as the final four but Mark Herras won the title as Ultimate StarStruck Male Survivor. He transferred to the Kapatid network in 2014 and went back to Kapuso eventually.

The 35-year-old former artist stared GMA’s teen-oriented shows such as the Click and Joyride, and fantasy series like Mulawin, Majika, Kamandag, Fantastic Man, and Tasya Fantasya. After he focused on his heavy equipment business, Rainier decided to go back to showbiz. He signed a contract under Viva Entertainment but his comeback didn’t really make a hit. However, he still appeared to several shows such as Wattpad Presents and Lola Basyang.

It was almost 7 years that we haven’t seen him on the screen. He again appeared in Eat Bulaga’s segment “Bawal ang Judgemental” with Chubi del Rosario after many years. Many of his fans expressed their excitement and how they missed the actor.

“May time na duamting na medyo nakakapagod na rin. Yung halos hindi ko na nakakasama yung family, lalo na kapag okasyon na Pasko,” Rainier shared.

Now, Rainier is hands-on with his business that he put up with Mark Herras, a parkour gym and urban training ground located at the Maginhawa St, Diliman, Quezon City. He is also enjoying a simple life with his family and wife, Diane. The couple is also expecting their first child soon.

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