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Former Wowowee Dancer is now a Successful Entrepreneur

Remember RR Enriquez of the game show, Wowowee? She was one of the dancers of the popular ABS-CBN game show, Wowowee. She became very popular at that time and was known as the beautiful and sexy Money Girl of the game show. RR was well-known and liked by the televiewers of the show because of her superb dancing skills. She was well-loved by the audience too. In 2011, she left the showbiz industry and decided to be a private citizen and be an entrepreneur. Together with her boyfriend Jay-Jay Helterbrand, they started a business.


The business was named Rejuva Aesthetics and Laser Center and was located in RR’s hometown, Cavite. Their business venture became so successful and earned them so many clients. This makes RR Enriquez very thankful to everyone who had been very supportive and helpful to make them reach where they are now, most especially their clients. RR revealed during an interview that Jay-Jay was the one who initiated that they build a business of their own and this was such a life-changing point in their lives.


The business made her more hardworking than ever and she wanted her employees to see that she’s hands-on in managing the business and with the business operation. RR’s very happy with how the business has turned and she loves what she’s been doing.


RR also admitted that even when she was still a part of showbiz, she was aware that it won’t be forever. This is why she agreed to put up a business of her own. She advised everyone to be wise with the money they worked so hard for. They should invest in something that they love to do. Success may not come overnight but with perseverance and faith, nothing is impossible.

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