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Francis Magalona’s Family Spent Time Together To Commemorate His 11th Year Death Anniversary

Francis Magalona is known as a rapper, TV personality, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He was also a host of the GMS show Eat Bulaga. Francis got married to Pia Arroyo in year 1985. Francis has 2 stepchildren and 6 children with Pia. Their children are Unna, Maxene, Nicolo, Saab, Francis Jr., Arkin, Elmo, and Clara.

Saab Magalona shared a story in her Instagram account that their whole family commemorated their late father’s 11th death anniversary. Saab shared photos of their family bonding at the Loyola Memorial Park, Quezon City. Saab had a daughter named Luna who died in year 2018. Luna was buried beside Francis Magalona.

Saab and her husband, Jim Bacarro had 2 sons named Pancho and Vito. Vito is the youngest son of Saab and this is his first visit to the grave of his sister and grandfather. Saab said that Francis M is forever and family is forever. The wife of Francis, Pia Magalona, Unna, Clara, Nic, and Arkin also visited the grave. The cousins of baby Vito enjoyed carrying him in their bonding time.

Francis M’s wife shared an old picture of Francis on her Instagram account. The caption said that they are in Baguio City in year 1990. They enjoyed the breeze while discussing grand proportions. Pia said that she missed the passion between them. She said that she loves her husband and will stay forever in their hearts.

Maxene Magalona was not able to visit at that time because she was in Bali, Indonesia. Maxene also commemorated Francis M by sharing a photo of her father. Francis M is known to be a popular rapper in the Philippine TV. He was only 44 years old when he died due to acute myelogenous leukemia on March 6, 2009. Francis will always be the number 1 filipino rapper because of his famous songs such as, “Cold Summer Nights” and “Mga Kababayan”.

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