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From Beauty Vlogger to Mona Lisa – Stunning Transformation

Mona Lisa, one of the many famous paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci, had been recreated numerous times through different forms of artwork. But this time around, she was recreated in a much unexpected manner. It was done through a makeup transformation by He Yuya, a 27 yr.old beauty vlogger and makeup artist from the South Western part of China. Her makeup transformation went viral and the reason was crystal clear; she was able to do a very accurate transformation and looking at her, one would really think that it’s actually Mona Lisa.

Hu Yuya had already done some self transformations with the following celebrities; Cate Blanchet, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. She has a good number of social media followers being a famous vlogger and this challenge came up after one of these followers asked her to do a Mona Lisa this time. This was a great challenge for this vlogger, Hu Yuya.

It was a six hour creation that was patiently done through the use of makeup. By watching the video, it can be seen how each makeup stroke was carefully done to slowly turn her into a Mona Lisa and it was very obvious why she has become famous in her field. There must have been quite a lot of bronzer and highlighter that was used in this very creative and realistic transformation.

Hu Yuya admitted to being a bit nervous at first because she didn’t know if her makeup transformation might offend some parties but after realizing that the video had gone viral and well-accepted by the netizens, she was able to breathe a sigh of relief. The video got 20M views on Dou Yin where it was first posted. On the other hand, it got about a million views on Miaopai. She was full of joy for getting this overwhelming success on her transformation to Mona Lisa. According to the Daily Mail, she appreciates the support she got from the netizens.

Watch here stunning transformation video collection.

Source: YouTube | He Yuhong

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