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Gabby Concepcion Shares What’s Keeping Him Busy These Days

Matinee idol and KC Concepcion’s father, Gabby Concepcion took to Instagram, to share his passion, which is farming. Many Pinoy stars are spending quiet moments during the pandemic. Gabby is one of them.

He is enjoying time away from the limelight for now. And what a better way to spend is being on the farm. The farm is in Amang Lobo in Batangas. He calls it Amang Lobo Homestead.

gabby concepcion | ig

The actor chose to stay in Batangas after President Rodrigo announced the Community Quarantine more than a month ago. Life is good on the farm, though. So who wouldn’t want to be there? We’re guessing most of us would love a slow farm life right now.

gabby concepcion | ig

In his uploaded video, Gabby showed his followers his homestead. His house is near the beach. He also has some fruit trees and other edible plants. Some of the produce he showed to his followers was squash, oregano, banana, and eggplant.

Behind every successful farm is a team of passionate people. For Gabby, they’re Noema and Ricky. Noemi is their all-around household helper. She cooks for his family and takes care of the farm.

He shared the Noemi loves her family so much. She is married to Ricky and they have four kids. So what else keeps him busy on the farm? Well, Gabby keeps some chickens, goats, and even a dog in his favorite place.

His followers enjoyed his video. It’s a welcome change during the pandemic.

It’s times like these when we realize what’s important. Celebrities are still humans. They have interests. They’re sharing it to the public, some even doing it the first time. It’s wonderful to get to know them and become a part of their simple lives away from the spotlight.

Thanks for sharing this with your fans, Gabo!

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