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National Filipino Game Called Sepak Takraw Caught the Attention of MMA Fighter Dave Leduc

Southeast Asia is a part of Asia where you can find temples, good food and religious attractions that everybody can visit and enjoy but Southeast Asia is also where you can find native games with different versions in every country. These games are somewhat different from other games the Westerners know. Like Sepak Takraw.

This game is also called kick volleyball and many countries in Southeast Asia have their own version like the Philippines which calls this game ‘sipa’ but in a milder adaptation than this one. They call it sepak raga in Malaysia, takraw in Thailand, katao in Laos and Chinlone in Myanmar.

This game is also similar to jokgu, footbag net, footvolley, etc. The players for Sepak Takraw will have to use their their feet and head to pass on the medium-sized ball and teams consist of three players each where they try to throw the ball against their opponents and if their opponents aren’t able to catch it, they will win.

This sport is taking the spotlight in Social Media after Dave Leduc, MMS fighter and well-traveled celebrity posted his trip to Myanmar where he got to try this game. He like the game so much that he shared with his followers how he participated in the game and said he enjoyed it so much.

In his post; he said that after he explored the villages outside Yangon, Myanmar; he got invited to try it which he was happy to do so because it can help anyone be more athletic and become a ‘better fighter’. He posted the video of two teams playing against each other and people started to notice the game after that. Would like to try this game?

Check the full video here:

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