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Good Gestures of Rock Icon Bon Jovi, Build a Restaurant to give Free Food for Hungry Students

When you think of Bon Jovi, you’d think about the songs Bed of Roses, Living on a Prayer, and more. But did you know that their lead vocalist John Francis Bongiovi Jr. aka Jon Bon Jovi is also an advocate for the needy? He developed the Soul Kitchen which aims to feed the hungry. Anyone who comes to that kitchen can eat hearty meals without the need to pay. The kitchen accepts volunteers and cash payments from customers who can pay. They accept everyone so anyone wishing to eat there can with or without money. The best part is Jon Bon Jovi sometimes cook the meals. Pretty good, right?

The kitchen opened in New Jersey where Bo Jovi is from. It already served about a hundred thousand people in need. The kitchen serves nutritious local foods. Everyone is also treated fairly regardless of social standing. The needy people who come into this restaurant will leave with their tummy full and dignity, intact.

Dorothea, who is one of the kitchen workers mentioned that eating in the kitchen is like eating with the community. They can choose the food they will eat and will sit beside each other. The kitchen features a long table so guests can sit side-by-side.

It promotes camaraderie in them and most of all, it ignites a passion for helping others. This is why they are open to volunteers. It’s a non-profit restaurant so they need all the help they can get to run it and feed others. The creation of this business showed that you can have the heart to help others even with high stature. Jon Bon Jovi is a popular singer and also an actor.

He is rich considering his band is famous and they created many popular songs. But this didn’t stop him from helping out his community. He wanted to give back to people. He may have businesses where he earns but he is also doing what he can to create awareness about poverty. Because of this, he deserves a spot for being a concerned citizen.

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