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Good Reason Why Sunshine Cruz Still Kept Her Children Bank Accounts Until Now

Sunshine Cruz didn’t let her separation from Cesar Montano affect her relationship with her daughters with him. She is a proud mom to three beautiful daughters. Her eldest Angelina is already following the footsteps of her parents.

photo via sunshine cruz | ig

Angelina is a contract singer of Universal Records. The young lady shares her talents on Instagram. Her siblings also want to join showbiz.

They’ve got product endorsements. That’s why at their age, Sunshine wants to teach them how to save up.

photo via sunshine cruz | ig

She opened a bank account for her daughters and keep the passbook. This is her way of teaching them to prepare for their futures. The dutiful mother put their earnings to each of their accounts. The three daughters will get those when they reach the right age.

photo via sunshine cruz | ig

That must be a lot of money because they’re also in-demand with endorsements. Proof of this is Angelina’s most recent birthday bash. She had different sponsors for that event. There was a big cake, catering, photo ops, and more.

Sunshine never fails to provide for them. She works hard so she can put them to a good school. This hot mom also has endorsements, one of which was Emcore Dotnet. The company also hired her daughter Angelina to be with her on the endorsement.

photo via sunshine cruz | ig

These girls are very busy with school and their careers. Sunshine is also busy with new boyfriend Macky Mathay who is a staff of Mayor Francis Zamora.

Despite having a boyfriend, Sunshine is keen on taking care of her daughters. This is why she wanted to open the bank accounts for them.

Youngest daughter Cheska shared that their school allowance is only Php200. They also have to save Php50-100 from that as part of their ipon challenge. It’s the money they use when they go out with friends.

photo via sunshine cruz | ig

The daughters are good when it comes to savings. Sunshine shared that her daughters can still give her gifts even when they only have small school allowance. She added that even with her strict money rules, she tries to give them a good life.

They travel when she has no work. She also buys them clothes and other things they could use from her earnings.

Many parents today are teaching their kids to save up. No one knows about the future and having money saved up will help anyone in times of need.

Kudos to Sunshine for thinking about this!

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