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Government Hiring 10,000 Teachers – Education Secretary

DepEd (Department of Education) Secretary Leonor Magtolis-Briones announced that there’s a need for about ten thousand new teachers in public schools this coming school year 2019-2020. The Secretary said that they will be hiring new teachers to reduce class size. As everyone knows, there’s a 1:45 ratio among teachers and students when the proper number of students that should be handled by a teacher should only be twenty-five per class. This is to ensure that the students will be handled well by their teachers.

The salary for entry-level will be Php20K. There will also be other allowances and benefits aside from the salary. For Grade One teachers, the salary is Php20,754. Public school teachers have Pag-Ibig Fund benefits where they can avail of multi-purpose loans, emergency loans in times of calamities, and housing loans. They will also have PhilHealth benefits, insurance when something happens to them while they are on duty. There’s a clothing allowance in the amount of Php6K, Php6K cash gift, Php5K for PEI (Productivity Enhancement Incentive), PERA (Personal Economic Relief Allowance), Midyear and Year-end bonus equivalent to one month salary. Teachers assigned in far areas will be given hardship allowance and a Php1K bonus will be given on World’s Teachers Day. They also have paid vacation leave of 2 months and Christmas vacation with pay for two weeks.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the teachers will also have a free annual checkup if it will be approved. The hiring process is not an easy one though, according to Secretary Briones. They have to pass certain requirements of the CSC (Civil Service Commission) and there’s the issue of “teachers’ migration” when a teacher from a private school transfer to a public school. Education Undersecretary Nepomuceno Malaluan said that the successful applicants will be deployed all over the country. He said that for kindergarten and elementary level, there are 2,797 slots while there are 2,443 for junior high school. For senior high school, there are 4,770 available slots. Aside from the 10K new teachers needed, there are 23K vacancies too. For this year, Php2.11B was allocated for these vacant positions.


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