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Government intends to back in School the Good Manners and Right Conduct Subject

Remember when someone behaves inappropriately and Filipino elders would say “Hindi kasi natuturuan ng magulang yan eh”? Good manners and right conduct starts from our homes. Parents teach their children to behave properly outside their homes. Children should also stay behaved when inside the house. Of course, parents aren’t the only ones who can teach their kids to act well. In school, Good Manners and Right Conduct or GMRC was a subject.

Children can learn good manners if they don’t live in a better environment. But this subject doesn’t exist anymore. Values Education replaced it. It’s of the same nature but it seems this subject isn’t getting good feedback. Because of this, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri wants to bring it back. He signed the Senate Bill No. 310 or the GMRC Act. This act will bring back the subject from Elementary to Highschool. The Senator insisted that there are many youths that don’t abide by the laws today. These youths are involved in disrespecting not only elders but other people. This especially happens in Social Media.

The Senator wants to improve the social standings of the youth today, hence, the GMRC Act. This subject can help shape the kids today. It can help them gain more insight on values like respect and interaction. Zubiri stated that countries like Singapore use this subject. And, everyone knows that Singapore locals are well-disciplined and respectful.

This might be a helpful solution for the country. More and more youths are forgetting Filipino values. But there’s still hope and this subject might be it! Parents, teachers, and other elders should help one another instill values to children. After all, they’re only seeing what they’re acting out. Help them become good individuals by showing them early on the importance of respect and discipline.


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