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Grandpa Wows Crowd When He Breaks Into Dance with Chinese Girl

There’s nothing cuter than a grandpa breaking into dance with a pretty young woman that’s why the people in the park were stunned when this seemingly quiet and fragile old man suddenly showed his moves and joined the young woman who was performing an upbeat dance. At the beginning of the video, the woman was the only one dancing but as the video progresses, the grandpa who was timid at first suddenly moved his graceful body and did several dance movements.

Nobody would think that a senior citizen like this grandpa who was wearing an ordinary attire can impress people at the park when he moved his leg and swiftly and raised his arms energetically. The hip young woman whom he danced with was also very happy with her dance partner.

The video went viral and one netizen even declared that growing up to be like this grandpa will be a dream come true. Several commentators were quick to say that they’re shocked that at the grandpa’s age he can still do quick movements because everyone knows that as a person ages, he also loses his agility and succumb to many diseases which makes his health deteriorate.

This grandpa is different though. The video showed that he is well and able that he might even beat other young people when it comes to dancing. This video proves that being older doesn’t mean a person needs to stop doing what he likes to do. With proper care for the body, good mental health and balanced diet a person can still move and think like he is still young. The grandpa shows that anyone can be a good performer and can entertain millions by simple moves that give positive vibes to everyone.

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