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Handicapped GrabFood Rider Inspired Many Netizens With His Dedication.

This handicapped GrabFood rider inspired many netizens with his dedication.

If we think that we have the most difficult job, then think twice. Some needed to work under the immense heat of the sun just to have something to eat. Some needed to carry big loads of boxes just to earn money to feed their families. Some needed to leave their families and work in far places just to support the needs of their children.

And in this very fast-changing world, with all the high technology, jobs are made easy. With the help of our smartphones and gadgets, we can order food in just one click.

One hard-working GrabFood rider inspired many people in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is handicapped, no hands to be exact, but still managed to do this difficult job. Edmon Gan decided one day to order food from Grab and he was assisted by Syahrain Fadzil, a GrabFood rider.

Image via Syahrain Fadzil / Instagram

Many people got inspired by the story shared by Edmon. He decided to order food online because they can’t go out due to the movement control order (MCO). When the order arrived, he then messaged the rider to just leave and hang the food at the gate. Thinking it was the best way to do since they are avoiding physical contact due to the pandemic and he has already paid the bill using an online app.

But he received a message from the rider saying, “Could you help hold this? I can’t do it myself”.

Image via Syahrain Fadzil / Instagram

Curious enough, Edmon hurriedly went outside to see what is happening. How hard could it be just to hang the order since he only ordered a couple of drinks? But when he saw the GrabFood rider he was surprised to see that he didn’t have hands. Seeing his reaction, the rider then jokingly said, “You don’t have to look for them, they really are not there anymore.”

I could not imagine the struggle he faces every day, driving the motorcycle with no hands. This story inspired me and hopefully will inspire more people. Be thankful if you have a job today because there are people wanting to have your position. Be thankful that you are 100% healthy and normal, a lot of people out there are envious of your situation.

Be thankful and grateful!

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