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Hardworking Farmer goes Viral, who Did Everything for His eight Children to become Professionals

Most parents will do their best to support their children. They will go through great lengths to give them shelter, food, and put them to a good school. This is easier if the parents are rich and they don’t have many children. But this farmer who is a father of eight did everything he can to support them. The family isn’t rich and they’re only making ends meet. The hardworking dad must have worked many hours on the farm so that his kids can go to school. Jovy Cataraja-Albite is one of his kids. And, she posted on her Facebook account how thankful she is for her sacrificing parents.


The eight children are college graduates. Imagine that! Tatay was able to support them with the help of their mother who is also a farmer. They must be proud parents! The professions of the eight are nurse, policeman, architect, marine, accounting staff, civil engineer, teacher, and nautical staff. Jovy is the eldest and together with her siblings, helps her parents have a good life as gratitude for supporting them. This is their time to give back to their loving parents who only wished that they can get out of poverty through studies.


This story says that “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Their parents could have neglected them and told them that they can’t afford to send them all to school. Some parents will also ask the elder siblings to support the younger ones. But Jovy’s parents shouldered everything even if there were many mouths to feed. Thanks to them, their children are all graduates. Congratulations to Tatay and Nanay for pushing through. And if there’s one wish for them, it’s that they may live better and enjoy their life now.


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