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Harlene Budol aka Hipon Girl says Willie Revillame is God’s Gift to Her

Singapore – Harlene Budol or better known as Hipon Girl, Willie Revillame’s co-host in Wowowin was so excited during the interview. It was already the second time that she experienced being interviewed. This took place during the contract signing of Willie for the new mobile app, Wil to Play which is a joint venture of August Media Holdings, Singapore and Synergy88 Philippines on July 28, 2019. Harlene said that her first interview was aired in the GMA-7 news program, 24 Oras, but it was very brief.

IMAGE Herlene Budol Instagram

She first got the attention of the public when she joined the “Wil of Fortune” segment of Wowowin in May 2019. Willie asked then if she was sexy and replied that she’s not sure. According to her, people refer to her as Shrimp, explaining further that when you eat shrimp, you’ll remove the head and just eat the body. It was because of that answer that she got her monicker, Hipon Girl. She became a co-host of the show eventually.

IMAGE Herlene Budol Instagram

Her life started to get better after that day. Hipon Girl is glad she now has a regular income. In the past, life was hard for her. It was not easy to make both ends meet and look for money to buy their basic needs. Now, she’s very thankful that Willie Revillame got her to co-host the show. It was like an answered prayer and even considers him as God’s gift to her. Whereas before, she would be riding tricycle and jeepney only, nowadays, Harlene was able to ride an airplane and travel abroad.

IMAGE Herlene Budol Instagram

It was an unforgettable experience for her but she wasn’t afraid the first time she rode the plane. It was exciting to see the clouds and the experience of being able to talk to the big bosses and the like. Willie even bought high-heeled shoes for her in Singapore for the contract signing because she wasn’t able to bring one. Life is indeed very different for her now.


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