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So Cute: Heart Evangelista Sent a Cheer Up Gift to a Kid Who Rejected by His Love ones

A letter rejecting a little boy named “Eman” became viral on the internet. Eman’s crush rejected him because he is not eating vegetables. This boy is not sad anymore because he is the lucky boy who received a ‘cheer up’ package from no other than Heart Evangelista.

Eman is a boy who lives in Donsol, Sorsogon. He is rejected for being skinny and skipping vegetables. He received encouraging comments from netizens. Netizens tried to make him feel better by saying that he will meet many girls in the future.

Some netizens worried about Eman when the letter went viral because people will recognize that he is the Eman mentioned in the letter. Danica or the letter sender also included the real name of “Inoy” in the letter’s header, which is Cristo ES.

One commenter said that the sender really hurt Eman’s feelings by rejecting him. He said that the sender mentioned another boy in her heart. He said that maybe Eman wasn’t able to buy flowers for the girl. The commenter joked that Eman’s name is better than “Inoy”.

The story circulated in social media and many people reacted to it. Even the actress Heart Evangelista was able to see the story. She is the wife of Chiz Escudero, who is also Sorsogon’s governor. Heart’s birthday was celebrated in Sorsogon and the actress did not forget to bring a ‘cheer up’ package for Eman. Heart commented on the letter. She said that Eman will be okay and she loves him.

Eman shared a photo of Heart’s gift filled with goodies. He also wrote a thank you letter to Heart. He is thankful for the Valentine’s Day gift that he received. He said that he will start eating vegetables and wished Heart a happy birthday. Eman felt heartbroken on Valentines and his classmates who knew about the viral story may have teased him. But Heart Evangelista made him happy with a simple but sweet gift.

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