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Heart Evangelista Truly has a Heart in Giving as She Personally gives a Wheelchair to an Elderly Woman in Sorsogon

In these trying times, a heart that sees the need to help others is indeed an epitome of goodness in humanity.

After a few months of quarantine and lockdown, Heart Evangelista was finally reunited with her husband senator Chiz Escudero in the province of Sorsogon.

The actress has recently posted vlogs promoting life, culture, and the beauty of Province. Lately she was busy crafting her own designs of home décor, handbags, and shoes out of the native materials abundant in the province.

heart evangelista | ig

“Really diving deep into my passion for Sorsogon-made goods. Recently, I met up with the original makers of these beautiful slippers in Gubat. The products are made by hand and with all natural materials. I also met a new friend while visiting their workshop”, say Heart in her IG post.

heart evangelista | ig

However, on latest YouTube Vlog that she posted inspired a lot of netizens. Heart Evangelista has personally given a wheelchair to an elderly woman who suffered from a stroke.

Heart was even seen personally helping the woman get into the wheelchair and taking her out for a stroll in the neighbourhood with the woman’s family.

“Because of her stroke, she can’t walk anymore and, because she has no wheelchair, she’s just lying down most of the time,” Heart explained in the video.

“So it would be nice to give her a wheelchair so she can go under the sun and it will be easier for her grandchildren to take care of her,” she added.

Heart also posted a photo with the woman on her IG earlier this month.


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“So grateful to have met our lovely nanay here. Hoping to be able to give out more wheelchairs in the coming days”, she posted in her IG.

Indeed, Heart as her name says, truly has the heart for people and their lives.

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